ABOUT Dinayen’s Enterprise Management Co. Ltd


Our vision is to set new benchmarks to provide the best value and easy solutions to all stakeholders through excellence in product quality, customer service and productivity in all areas of our organization; including cost and human resource management. Being a distribution company customers will always find easily the exact goods they need at the lowest price possible.

Individually Tailored Solutions

Realizing the growing demand for customised service, we too have opened the option for customers to have their orders customised through our numerous partnerships with manufacturers . We assure customers their instruction will be followed exactly and products we will manufactured under expert supervision because we are here to serve our customers. Production can be customized on the following parameters.


Over the years, we have established business relationships, signed partnership contracts with numerous Manufacturers and dealers to source products to customers. This network enables us to deliver on time. Owing to our wide network, we are able to cut costs and provide products at economical prices. Furthermore, we have ties with various logistics and freight service providers that help us reach customers almost everywhere.

Our Mission

Create an organizational culture that promotes excellence through visionary leadership to its people who are always recognized for continuously innovating to remain ahead of competition. Beyond this, the following should enable the company to establish its market leadership position.

Customer should be central to all key management decisions.

Focus on quality of management of all the business processes – raw material procurement, manufacturing, product quality,
including product development, marketing, human resources, financial planning to it systems.

Technology, including productivity of all resources, cost management and marketing should be harnessed to deliver the
highest value to all its stakeholders.