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Police & Military Bullet Proof Vest (body armour)



According to USA NIJ standard, there are six levels for body armor (as follows).

Our bulletproof vest/jackets could be met from level I to level IIIA based on customers’ requirements.

Name: Standard style bulletproof vest.

Front and back protection

Protection area: 0.26m2, 0.28m2, 0.30m2, etc (customizable)

Material:PE UD, Kevlar UD, Twaron UD

Outer carrier: Waterproof Polyester

Color: black, woodland, desert cam, sea blue, etc

Plz notice:

Generally, Level I, II-A,II, IIIA are applied to soft bulletproof vests, and Level III/IV are for hard bulletproof plates.
When you want bulletproof vest of Level III/IV, hard plates are indispensable.

Plz select bulletproof plates on our alibaba website.

Ballistic System

It possesses large scale underground ballistic laboratory, equipped with all kinds of handgun, rifle, 7.62mm-30mm bore ballistic gun, big gun .

We can provide overall technical support of ballistic performance test including body armor protection products and vehicle purpose armor products.

In Chinabullet proof  factories, only our factory has our own labs for research and testing, so the products quality is under strict control.



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