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Multi-Function Tools



  Metric system English system
Hitch system weight 48.43kg 106.77  lb
Ripper system weight 50.72kg 111.82  lb
Transporting system weight 41.22kg 90.87   lb
Tree boom system weight 48.43kg 106.77  lb
Pipe filling system weight 35.44kg 78.13   lb
Max crane height A 1953mm 76.89in
Max ripping depth C 335mm 13.19in
Distance between ripper teeth B1 290mm 11.42 in
Hitch system size(L*H*B) 393*316*628mm 15.47*12.44*24.72in
Ripper system size(L1*H1*B) 484*351*628mm 19.06*13.82*24.72in
Transporting system size(L3*H3*B) 705*316*628mm 27.76*12.44*24.72in
Tree boom system size(L2*H2*B) 1170*316*628mm 46.06*12.44*24.72in
Max crane weight 200kg 440.92b



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