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HY380 Mini Digger



Item With Chevron Engineering Tyre
Max working height H1 2143mm 84.37inch
Max dump height H2 1488mm 58.58inch
Total Height H 1233mm 48.54inch
Max pin height 1884mm 74.17inch
The length of the foot plate 678 mm 26.7inch(foot plate level)
Total length with bucket L ( mm) 2206mm 86.9inch
Highest point dump distance L1(mm) 348mm 13.7inch
Length without bucket L2(mm) 1752mm 69inch
Bucket width B(mm) 980mm 38.6inch
Total width B1(mm) 1160mm 45.67nch
Wheel base 940mm 37inch
Ground clearance(mm) 118mm 4.65inch
Turning radius R(mm) 1307 mm 51.5inch
Bucket dumping angle α(°) 30  
Rollback of bucket on ground β(°) 25  
Departure angle(°) 11(foot plate level)


Item Item
Engin Rated power(KW) 15.4KW(21HP)
Rated speed(rpm) 3300
Noise (Db) 95
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pressure(Mpa) 17
Cycle time(s) Raise Dump lower
4.27 1.34 3.31
Technical Parameter Operating Load 200 Kg 441lb
Bucket Capacity 0.15 m­3 5.33(ft­ 3
Max Lifting Force 375 Kg 827lb
Travel Speed 0-5.5Km/h 0-3.4mile/h
Operating Weight 890 Kg 1958lb(With Chevron Engineering Tyre )
Tires 18*6.5-8



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