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HY1000 Skid Steer Loader


Main Size

Max working height(A) 3490mm
Max pin height(B) 3028mm
Max height with level bucket(C) 2814mm
Max dumping height(D) 2266mm
Max dumping distance(F) 437mm
wheel base(G) 1044mm
Total height(H) 1979mm
Ground clearance(J) 196mm
Length without bucket(K) 2621mm
Total length(L) 3400mm
Bucket Width(M) 1720mm
Total width(W) 1665mm
Distance between wheels(P) 1425mm
tire thickness(N) 240mm
Departure angle(α) 19°
Dumping angle at max height(β) 41°
Rollback of bucket on ground(θ) 18°
Turn Radius(R) 2056mm


Main Spec

Operating Load 1000KG
Weight 2900
Engine Chengdu Yun Nei
Rotating Speed 2400r/min
Engine type 4-stroke,water-cooled,4-cylinder
Rated Power 60KW
Standard Fuel consumption rate ≦245g/KW·h
Fuel consumption rate on max torque ≦238g/KW·h
Noise ≦117dB(A)
Generator power 500W
Voltage 24V
Battery 105AH
Speed 0-10 Km/h
Drive mode 4 wheel drive
Tire 10-16.5
pump flow for running 110L/min
Pump flow for work 62.5L/min
Pressure 15MP
fuel tank capacity 90L
oil tank capacity 63L
pump America Sauer



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