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Deep-Sea Cod Pure Collagen Oil



Five Reasons For Choosing This Product

Safe:Raw material was deep-sea cod Gadous macrocephaius skin which came from the Alaska deep-sea with 0.C-16.C,safety without pollution.

Fresh:Directional zymohydrolysis technology of leading international.using 100% fresh Gadous macrocephaius skin by low temperature,reserving activity collagen supremely.

Purity:Contenting of more than 99% collagen(dehydration),controling the molecular weight about 2000Da,which was most close to the human.

Eutectic:Solutizing quickly,liquidity well,accumulate density lowly,convenient for using wide scale.

Environmental protection:Without the hydrolysate of acid-base and chemical extracted from the skin and bone of pig and cattle,using relievedly.guaranteing the quality of the production for you.


The function of HENAN BOOM collagen

Moisturizing,Anti-wrinkle,Repair,Whitening,Nourish,Weight-reducing,Plump chest,Bone-invigorating,etc.

Fish collagen characteristic

Colour: white or mastic

Odor: light fish smell

Shape: powder

Hydroscopicity strong: Because the collagen molecules contains a lot of hydrophilic group,it is very easy to sop,that it should be saving hermetically,dryly,otherwise agglomerated easily.

Liquidity good:In the process of producing,we used spray drying method to remove moisture rapidly,and used fluidized bed to reduce temperature,to ensure the product’s quality steadily.The product is powder and good fluidity.

Accumulate density: 0.3-0.5T/M3

Solubility easily soluble: Collagen is easy soluble in water when the molecular weight is in the range of 2000Da.It can be dissolved in the water.As the temperature increases,the dissolution rate become faster.

Stability good: Collagen is constitute of amino acid formed of peptide chemical bond which is very stable,so it is stable for the influence of acid,Alkali and heat.

Viscosity: In the low concentration the viscosity of aqueous solution collagen is 0 to 5 cp.

Chemical residue:The production produced by pure physical method,without chemical reagent residue…

Accession taboo: Because of the quality of the collagen,it could access with the most of the food,without taboo.



Specification:ten kg,five kg or according to customer’s requirement

Purpose:Collagen was applied to many professions as food,dairy,juice,candy,condiment,meat products,biological medicine,baking,cosmetics,tea,coffee and so on which was used to functional materials.

Shelf life:The shelf life is 24months under normal temperature.

Store conditions:Ventilated,dry,heliophobe and normal temperature.



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